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Falling Rock Jam 2010

When music becomes your passion you can't help sharing it, the love, the particulars, and the music itself. Here are a few links that we find interesting, and maybe you will, too. The traditional music world is full of friendly, talented, and interesting people who share, and we're fortunate to know a few of them.

Hiawatha Traditional Music Coop - www.hiawathamusic.org

Aura Traditional Music Jamboree - www.aurajamboree.com

Falling Rock Cafe, Munising - www.fallingrockcafe.com

Heidi Troyer, Suzuki Violin Lessons, Manistique

DanceZone, Marquette - www.dancezonemqt.com

All Strings Considered, Marquette

White Water, Amasa - www.white-water-associates.com/music

Grassfire, Escanaba - www.myspace.com/upgrassfire

Silver City Band, Washington DC - www.silvercitydc.com


Traditional Tune Archive ( was Fiddlers Companion) - www.tunearch.org/wiki/TTA

ABC Project - http://abc.sourceforge.net/

ABC Tutorial (John Chambers) - trillian.mit.edu/~jc/doc/doc/ABCtutorial

ABC Notation (tunes) - http://abcnotation.com/

ABC Converta-Matic (Concertina.net) - www.concertina.net/tunes_convert

ABC Key Convert - www.folkinfo.org/songs/abcconvert.php

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