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"The Last Lamp"

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Moving with the Music cover


by Sue Robishaw

Last Lamp cover

Pages: 245
Binding: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 0-9652036-0-3
published 1996

We're sorry, this book is now out of print.

An intriguing story of suspense, relationships and community. In a not-too-distant but compelling future a young woman confronts her own beliefs by deliberately getting close to those she doesn’t agree with, discovering new depths in herself and those around her. "The Last Lamp" involves hard questions, uneasy answers, and friends in unexpected places. An unusually enjoyable uncommon book.


"Skillfully written by a talented storyteller, "The Last Lamp" is an engaging novel, one of those so easy to pick up, and so difficult to put down."

Midwest Book Review

"It's great! The characters, the dialog, the settings - wonderful!"

Jd Belanger, publisher and editor of Countryside Magazine

"A well-written futuristic yarn about a group of power-hungry quasi-religious fanatics and the freedom fighters who resist them."


"... intriguing fantasy/suspense adventure."

Bookman News

Updated 03/10/2015
Copyright 2009 by Sue Robishaw

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