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2016 - 1/9/2017   A new year is here with infinite possibilities!

Looking Forward - 1/5/2017   I enjoy looking back at last season’s garden but mostly I’m looking ahead to the coming season.  



Lights! - 2/15/2017   The plants in the greenhouse love long sunny day, but they are rare in the winter...

Calendula - 1/15/2017   Sub zero temps outside but cheery inside!

Activity - 1/9/2017    Well, maybe not a lot of activity but it warmed up outside today to 20 deg ...

Greens - 12/30/2016  In the winter we move to eating out of the greenhouse instead of the garden.          

Posted by Steve Homestead Projects:

Homestead Pump - 2/27/2017  The heart of our water system and so appreciated, but not when it stops pumping.

PanelCam Installment #2 - 1/29/2017   Hey, it works! A bit of fine tuning yet to do but the system is up and running.

PanelCam Installment #1 - 12/27/2016   One of the realities of powering our homestead in the north-woods with power from the sun is ...

Greenhouse Fan Controller - 12/5/2016   There are many times, in all seasons, when the sun is out bright and the batteries are fully ...     Back to Top of this page ...


Expanded - 12/16/2016   It feels like we went from two months of Octobers right into January ...

Gooseberries - 12/2/2016    Planting is addictive, no doubt about it! And the inspiration seems to come in waves ...

Crabapples - 11/30/2016   The last day of November and it is a beautiful day, relatively speaking -- above freezing ...

Black Oxford Apple - 11/26/2016   Today we ate our last stored Black Oxford apple. It was wonderful.      Back to Top of this page ...


Bathing Suit / Skivvies - 2-14-2017   What better time to think about summer swimming than the middle of winter!

Replacement Work Shirt Collar - 1/20/2017  Winter is the time I can catch up on mending and sewing projects which pile up ...      Back to Top of this page ...