Challenge Rowboat Project
Winter of 2018/19


For many years I have set myself the challenge of riding my age, in miles, on or soon after my birthday which is at the end of August. It has been fun and getting myself into shape for the annual  ride has been good for my health - in fact I feel as fit as I did 40 years ago when I was only 35.
My only real concern over the years is all those miles riding in traffic. I have been very fortunate and never had an accident or even a close call while riding but I feel it is time to switch to a less dangerous type of adventure.

My plan is to sell my bike and use the proceeds to build a rowing boat designed specifically for my new challenge: Row your age, in miles, in 48 hours.

The Plan...
As of: Friday, November 23, 2018

The boat will be a lightweight Skin-on-Frame design with one rowing position, a sliding seat, a small cabin large enough to sleep in. Seems simple enough.
  • Design the boat
  • Purchase needed materials
  • Prepare the materials
  • Build the frame
  • Cover the boat
  • Apply waterproofing/finish
  • Install rowing systems
  • Install ancillary systems
  • Test the boat and all systems
  • August, 2019: Row 75 miles in 48 hours

So here we go!



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