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The ManyTracks Orchard

with Sue Robishaw


Organic - Healthy - Happy - Infinite

Apples, Cherries, Plums, Pears
Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Grapes
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"Growing Berries for
Food and Fun"
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photo apple trees full bloom


Four decades of Growing Good Food in the Northwoods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
~ ~ ~
Down to Earth Information, Experiences, Thoughts

Almost the first thing we did when we got our future homestead property was to put up a fence for the garden and orchard, before we had even moved there. The next summer we tilled up an area for the garden and planted some fruit trees in the farmed out sandy-loam soil. 1978, almost forty years ago, and we are still putting up fence and planting trees! But now we are enjoying the fruit as well as the labor. It's been, and continues to be, a great adventure, a great amount of learning, and a whole lot of fun.

My notes are a little sketchy from those first years; we were busy with working out, building the cabin and house, creating our homestead. We planted those first trees with love but little knowledge. Thankfully some of the trees had strong inclinations to not only survive but grow and produce, and they did, eventually, more in spite of us than because of. The only record I have of that first momentous occasion of the "First Fruit" was a note in my canning notebook, 1987, "70 apples, mostly spys but some macs, good." I assume we were more excited and appreciative than that sounds!

Only a few of those original trees, apples, are still with us (the "spys" that we were told were Prairie Spys but turned out not to be) but they have been joined by many more now, with new arrivals every year. The orchard has become my great passion, with Steve's support, help and encouragement. The additions were sporadic and occasional through the years until six years ago when we discovered grafting, and had more time to spend in the orchard. In the summer of 2016 we had 21 apples, 2 pears, 3 cherry, 9 plums/chums, many rootstocks waiting for grafts, plus a nice contingent of small fruits, happily surrounding the vegetable garden. Many of the trees are not bearing yet but the anticipation is there.

photo orchard map 2016

Now, finally, the orchard is getting its well deserved spot on the website. It might now be called a food forest or permaculture orchard, in current terms. But for us it is just our ever growing, ever expanding homestead orchard which includes so much more than fruit trees. It grew organically and naturally over the years (decades!) and is grown organically and naturally. We like it a lot. It's a bit daunting to think of how to share so much experience with our readers, in some reasonable order, in some useful fashion. The rest of our website was built piece by piece over the last twenty years, not all at once. So I think that is how I will begin sharing our orchard, piece by piece, as it occurs to me. Some will be new articles, some will be posts from our Blog, some (the berries and small fruit) are already on the website in the Garden section (also in the menu above), some photos, some words. However it arrives I hope you will enjoy and be inspired to do whatever suits you and yours, as I have done in my orchard, with great joy in being a part of that wonderfully eclectic dynamic world.

(p.s. Some of the sections in the Menu (in italic) are simply placeholders without content yet, to remind me they are waiting for me to add something. The pages with content are in Bold.)

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updated 01/16/2017

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