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Here you can see my answer to the "How do you mount a mirror on a TerraTrike" question.

The mirror is the head from an off-the-shelf MiraCycle Off-road bike mirror.
Mirror and Bracket
The bracket is made up of two pieces of steel brazed together.

Part A is a 4" x 1/2" section cut out of a scrap piece of 7/8" diameter bike tubing.

Part B, about 1/2" x 3/4", was cut from a 1/8" plain steel scrap and drilled to accept a #8 machine screw (and lock nut).

The two parts were brazed together and painted.

Mirror Bracket Components
Assembly amounts to: 1) Carefully removing the vinyl tape and handlebar tape from the handlebar, 2) Using vinyl tape to secure the bracket to the front or outside or the bar, just below the shifter, 3) Reinstalling the handlebar tape and retaining tape, and 4) Installing the mirror arm onto the bracket. Mirror and bracket mounted

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Updated 7/8/2001