Make Your Own Treadle Lathe

Do it yourself Treadle Lathe Hardware Kit

Make Your Own Treadle LatheI have selected the following components to give you an idea of what hardware you might purchase to complete your treadle lathe. Of course, coming up with your own alternatives is half the fun and can save you some money. Most of the links are to since many folks will have access to them but certainly feel free to choose other vendors. Even if you do choose to get your parts locally or from another on-line source I think the linked items will give you the general specifications for each part.

By the way, I don’t make anything from those links – they are just suggestions of what components my research has shown should work together as explained in the book and my on-line updates. All of these parts were available and prices current as of November 21, 2021.

I hope this list helps you Build Your Own Treadle Lathe!

Steve                           [Download this list as a PDF]

Main Shaft & Flywheel/Crank Shaft
Main Shaft

A36 Steel Round Rod, Unpolished (Mill) Finish, Hot Rolled, ASTM A36, 0.625" Diameter, 36" Length           $9.28

Main Shaft & Flywheel Shaft Bearings

5/8" Bearing (Pack - 10), ID 5/8" x OD 1-3/8" - … Flanged Precision Ball Bearing.           $16.99

Main Shaft Pulley (Adjustable)
Main shaft pulley

TB Woods 1VP34 5/8" Bore Adjustable Pitch Sheave With 1 Groove           $31.25
Leather Drive Belt
Drive belt

6FT Leather Belt for Singer/Jones Treadle Sewing Machine Cowhide Belting, Round 3/16"           $6.99
Flywheel Hubs
Flywheel Hubs

SUPPLY GIANT CNGM0034 Black Malleable Floor Flange with Four Screw Holes, 3/8 in        $7.99 x 2 = $15.98

Rod End: Crank to Treadle Connection Rod
Rod End - connector

Rod End 5/16 x 5/16-24 ECF5 Female Economy Right Hand Rod End Bearing           $8.27

Threaded Rod: Treadle to Crank
Threaded rod
Stanley National N218-289 Stanley Threaded Rod, 5/16-24 X 3 Ft, Steel, Zinc Plated           $9.23

Rod End: Crank to Treadle Connection Rod
Drive Center

Four-spur Center "drives" your workpiece during lathe operations        $29.99

Rod End: Crank to Treadle Connection Rod
Tail Center

PSI Woodworking LCENTLT1X Live Tailstock Center Cup and Point #1MT           $19.95

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