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Welcome to ManyTracks Sale!

Sue & Steve are cleaning up the homestead ...

I hope you enjoy shopping at our little sale.
We can deliver any of these items to the Manistique,,
Escanaba or Marquette areas..

I promise to keep this list current so if you can see an item here it is available.

Special Art Pieces by Sue & Steve

Cherry Box  Hand carved Cherry Box - by Sue
"Sand & Waves"
Yellow Birch Box by Sue  Hand made Yellow Birch Box - by Sue
Hand made Flute in Cherry Box  Cherry box with blue thread and leather hinge and catch
- Includes a cherry flute - (may not be the one in the photo)
3"h x 17"w x 3"d
Hand made Flute in Cherry Box  Cherry box with leather hinge/dual latch Cherry box with leather hinge/dual latch
- Includes a cherry flute -  (May not be the one in the photo)
3"h x 17"w x 3"d
"Standing on All Three" bowl carved by Steve Schmeck Carved Black Cherry Bowl
"Standing on All Three""Standing on All Three"
8-1/2 " x 5-3/4" x 3-1/4"
Carved Black Cherry Bowl
"Searching for Stability"
wild black cherry - 15" x 9" x 4"

Hand carved black cherry bowl "Spring" Carved Black Cherry Bowl
cherry  -  13 " x 7-1/2" x 1-3/4"
fingerwoven sash #29  Fingerweaving:
Dark Red / Gray / Black Hand-woven Wool Sash
100" long x 3" wide; Body = 60", Bands = 10", Braids = 10"
Blue, Pink & Yellow Sash  Fingerweaving:
Blue, Pink & Yellow Hand-woven Wool Sash
56" long x 2-1/2" wide; Body = 36" , Braid/fringe = 10"

Other Rare Finds from the Homestead
The items shown below are available for purchase on 'craigslist'.
Click the photo to see a complete description and more photos.

Asus Windows Touchscreen PC $125 - Asus 12" Windows Touch screen Tablet PC
Weaving Yarn $420 -  Wool Rug Yarn for Weaving - 38 lb. bulk lot (4 boxes)
Wood Plane for sale $40 Wooden-bodied Plane
Copper Boiler for sale $75 Copper Boiler
Bunk/Bed Warmer for sale $45 12-Volt Bunk Warmer for vehicle or camp
Fretted Violin $210 - Fretted 4/4 Violin
Enermaxer Solar Charge Controller for sale $35 50-Amp Solar Charge Controller - "Enermaxer"
Knittin Needle Set for sale $40 Bernat Aero Knitting Needle Set (in case)
Badmintten Set for sale $25 Badminton Rackets
Gryphon & Sabine Book Set for sale $20 Griffin & Sabine Trilogy (Set of 3) + 1
Three staplers for sale $20 Three Heavy Duty Long-Reach Staplers
Pajama Set for sale $45 Vintage Satin Boxed Pajama Set - 1940's
Baby Set for sale $30 Vintage Baby Clothes Outfit
Purse for sale $65 Philippine Embroidered Clutch Purse - Late '60's
Hand-dipped Candles for sale $2 Hand-dipped Candles

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