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Creative and Practical ~ Books by Sue Robishaw and Steve Schmeck

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Growing Berries for Food and Fun

Make Your Own Treadle Lathe

Make Your Own Wooden Flute

Homesteading Adventures

Frost Dancing

Moving with the Music

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Growing Berries cover graphicGrowing Berries for Food and Fun   ***NEW***
by Sue Robishaw                                

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes--discover ways to grow your own to enjoy delicious ripe fruit even in the north!

Make Your Own Treadle LatheMake Your Own Treadle Lathe
by Steve Schmeck
    A practical, step by step guide to building a foot-powered lathe for light duty wood turning. Updated and expanded edition.

Available as an eBook or as a Paperback, in full color or black & white. 

Make Your Own Wooden Flute  Make Your Own Wooden Flute
by Steve Schmeck     

    Generously illustrated with easy to follow instructions for making a "simple" flute of wood using commonly available or shop-made tools.

Moving with the Music     New! Paperback edition!         
         a novella by Sue Robishaw

Here she was, in the city, in a place that needed more than a little cleaning. The laughter, the music, the intense caring, that was all gone -- or was it? 
    Good reviews -- Good story!

Homesteading Adventures,     
a Guide for Doers and Dreamers 
        by Sue Robishaw with Steve Schmeck

From gardening to building, solar oven to solar electricity, and so much more -- from our First 20 years on the homestead. 

Frost Dancing EbookFrost Dancing - Tips from a Northern Gardener 
 by Sue Robishaw

(eBook) - Revised and updated, this straightforward eBook is packed with more than 240 tips and ideas for gardeners, many specifically for short-season growers.

(paperback) - The original booklet is still available direct from us (ManyTracks) - 40 pages. PRINT edition from ManyTracks.

Gathering of Spoons cover graphic A Gathering of Spoons         (Paperback)
           by Norman Stevens

A special book of full color photos of an awesome collection of over 200 hand-carved spoons from today's carvers. This isn't one of our books but we're both honored to have our spoons included.
     120 pages, 8 1/2 x 11. Published by Linden Publishing.

Rosita and Sian Search for a Great Work of Art
            - by Sue Robishaw
      We're sorry, this book is now out of print. 

The Last Lamp, a novel - by Sue Robishaw

     We're sorry, this book is now out of print.

    Welcome to our world of words, ideas, imagination and practical experience. Written and published by Steve and/or Sue our books are an extension of our lives, just a little different, but interesting and fun.
     All are created in an alternative energy and sustainable environment at our homestead in the northwoods. They are books you can feel good about. We do!
     While they don't always fit easily into narrow categories they do fit easily into the mind, whether eBook or print book. There are always more books in progress so check back! We want to have just the book you want.

     Questions? Email us at mt@manytracks.com or call 906-644-2598. We appreciate your interest in our writing and our books!    Sue Robishaw and Steve Schmeck.

"We really only live by our fantasies when we give free rein to them." -- Andre Breton

Updated 03/12/2016