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ManyTracks' House and Home

by Steve Schmeck and Sue Robishaw

underground house 2009

Designing and Building our Northwoods
 Solar Underground House

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It began in the 70's and I can't say exactly how but Steve and I came together and over a few years so did our plans to move out of the city and build our underground solar home and sustainable homestead in the northwoods. It was a quite an adventure! We didn't know that we couldn't do it, so we did.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 1978 we built a basic but adequate cabin (which later became our power tool shop) and dove into planning the earth house. It took longer than we had originally thought (of course) but in 1985 we moved in to the spacious 1000 square foot dwelling. Now it's 2022 -- we're still here, we still love it, and yes, we're still working on it.

Use the menu above left to go to photo pages of Construction and Indoor shots of the house as well as related subjects. There is more information on our move, building the cabin, and building the house (and much more) in our book "Homesteading Adventures".

camper and Sue 1998

Our First Home on the Homestead 1978

cabin 1998

The Cabin - Adding on Already 1979

Cabin with Porch

Ever Expanding Cabin-Shop ~1990

house 1991

The Underground House 1991

The house layout as it stands today, surprisingly near to drawings Steve made when the house was just a dream.

To read more about the first two decades on our homestead check out

"Homesteading Adventures -A Guide for Doers and Dreamers"  

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Updated 04/07/2018


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