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ManyTracks' House and Home
Solar ~ Underground

by Sue Robishaw and Steve Schmeck



laying stone in greenhouse

Rebuilding ~ Changes ~ Upgrades
to the Underground House

The nice thing about building your own is that you feel free to upgrade, rearrange and change your mind. The challenge is that you are always changing and wanting to change your surroundings to match. It is both fun and frustrating. But it always feels good when it's done.

1999 - The cedar posts that held up the original attached greenhouse had rotted away some years ago. Literally. The portion in the ground was completely gone. Very active soil we were told. How nice. The room was being supported by the roof and walls. It was due for some attention. This time we poured and laid a cement and stone foundation (and floor). It is a very secure room now! The plants and I love it. This is actually our second rebuild. The first had been made of recycled materials and not so well constructed. When we rebuilt we again built of wood and it lasted quite well except for those fickle cedar posts! We used recycled glass and windows for all of the incarnations.

front wall









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Copyright 2009 by Susan Robishaw


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Updated 12/23/2015


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