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Carved Wood Bowls, Spoons, Instruments & Watercolors 
Artwork by Steve Schmeck and Sue Robishaw


Hand-Carved Wooden Bowls
Paintings by Sue

Link to Steve's Spoons
Hand-Carved Wooden Spoons  


We live and work in our home, studio, and shop in the northwoods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Our art, our work, our lives, and our play interweave and blend to such a degree that it is often hard to tell where one ends and the other begins, which is how we like it to be.

Having two artists in the same household has its advantages, and challenges. Though we share much, we work separately at our art and seldom collaborate. Working as closely as we do does allow us to offer each other support and encouragement when needed.

Our interest in a sustainable lifestyle and world permeates our life and work. The sun provides our electricity, the wind pumps our water, the woods and the sun heat our home and cook our food. We strive to live a non-disposable life. And we draw inspiration and energy from our lives and everything around us, something that I think is reflected in our art.

Our website allows us to share our artwork with people without spending so much time and energy on the road. We still like to talk with our customers, however, so contact us with any questions or comments you may have.  

Some of our work can be seen (and is for sale) at the Lake Effect Art Gallery in Manistique, and well as occasional exhibits around the Upper Peninsula.

Updated 02/15/2022