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ManyTracks Music
Videos & Audio
Music, Music, Music! with Steve Schmeck & Sue Robishaw

Steve & Sue music at ManyTracksIn March 2020 we entered the online digital music world and started recording and uploading videos to share our music with family and friends. Our YouTube channel is: ManyTracks - YouTube

We don't have a firm schedule but we aim for at least one video a month. It's been a fun way to share. Bookmark this page and check back to see when there is a new video (latest at the top of the list). Click on the individual thumbnail photos to go to that video (which takes you to YouTube). We also put a notice and link on our "Blog" page when we put up a new video so you can find it there as well.

However you get there we hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoy creating them! Comments are welcome.

Audio tracks made with our friends Sharon Vierk and Tom Caron - aka "Wild Cherry Wine" - are listed below the videos for more listening pleasure.

Music @ ManyTracks Videos (on YouTube) - 2021       (click on photo to view video)
small thumbnail video "Before I Met You""Before I Met You"
Off to California video small thumbnail"Off to California"
thumbnail Tennessee Waltz video"Tennessee Waltz"  + verse 2
Music @ ManyTracks Videos (on YouTube) - 2020       (click on photo to view video)

small thumbnail video Auld Lang Syne"Auld Lang Syne"

thumbnail video Minstrel Bear"The Minstrel and the Bear"
video thumbnail "There is a Time""There is a Time"
small thumbnail Oh Susanna, Emma's Pride"Oh Susanna" / "Emma's Pride"
small video thumbnail Arran Boat Song / Shady Grove"Arran Boat Song" / "Shady Grove"
small thumbnail Shenandoah video"Shenandoah"
small thumbnail Tam's Slow March"Tam's Slow March"
small thumbnail Tiny Fish recording"Tiny Fish for Japan"
small thumbnail Simple Gifts/Davy"Simple Gifts" - "Davy Knick-Knack"
small thumbnail Gypsy Rover"Gypsy Rover" / "March St. Timothy"
small thumbnail Garden Song"Garden Song"
thumbnail Tombigbee / Un Homme Marie"Tombigbee Waltz" - "Un Homme Marie"
"When Irish Eyes are Smiling"
"Planxty Fanny Power"
"Puff the Magic Dragon"
"Crawdad Song"    
"A World of Our Own"
"Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue"
"Night Rider's Lament"
"Golden Slippers" / "Soldier's Joy"
"Music, Music, Music"
"Planxty Hewlett"
"Camptown Races"

... and, a few of older videos. 
Sue & Steve at Fayette...
   "Seneca Square Dance"
Playing in front of the 'Casting House' at Fayette Historic State Park  (Michigan's Upper Peninsula) - Summer of 2011.
All Strings Considered at the 'Dance Zone'
    "Jamie Allen"
Playing with "All Strings Considered" during a break in the called dances at the Dance Zone in Marquette, 2011: 

Wild Cherry Wine at Fur & Feather"Wild Cherry Wine" had a good time playing at the 2017 "Fur & Feather Swaps" in Trenary. But the June Swap had an extra surprise as the Detroit Free Press (Freep) showed up. John Carlisle (writer) and Ryan Garza (videographer) kept busy capturing the event which they later pared down to a few minute very nice video. It was, of course, about the event, the people, the animals. But we got a little bit of the limelight by providing the background music for the video, recorded live. Here is a link to the video on the Detroit Free Press website:

 "Wild Cherry Wine" (Steve, Sue & Sharon Vierk & Tom Caron)
 ""    'Sugar Candy Schottische'
- Traditional Norwegian
 Christmas in the Village 2019

 ""   'Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine / Redwing'
- Traditional, British / USA
 Christmas in the Village 2019

   Midnight on the Water    'Midnight on the Water'
- Luke Thomasson, Texas, 1900 
 Christmas in the Village 2019

  Cold Frosty Morning    'Cold Frosty Morning'
- Possibly  1800's, Virginia
 Falling Rock Cafe 2014

  Stures Schotis    'Stures Schottis'
- Traditional - Sweden
 Falling Rock Cafe 2014 

Parting Glass Player   'The Parting Glass'
- Traditional Irish/Scottish
Steve playing a restored Oud
   with Sue on Guitar

Traditional Music, almost live!



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updated 02/01/2017


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