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ManyTracks Music
fiddle ~ guitar ~ vocals
Steve Schmeck & Sue Robishaw

Wild Cherry Wine 4 at Aura

New Lost Lake Rambers at Musing Festival

old time jam at Falling Rock Cafe

Steve & Sue at Manistique Farmers Market

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Robishaw Schmeck Fayette 2011 NLLR

Old Time Acoustic Dance Music and Ballads
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Lively, Fun, and Upper Peninsula Home-grown
It just makes you feel good!

Check out our "Music at ManyTracks" Video series, posted on YouTube monthly. Our YT Channel page can be found at: ManyTracks - YouTube
Or go to our 'Videos & Audio' page where we list all of our videos, plus a number of Wild Cherry Wine audio tracks for your listening pleasure.

Welcome to the lively world of ManyTracks Music! We enjoy and play a variety of music, mostly old time dance tunes from many areas, as well as ballads and songs both old and not so old. Whether by ourselves or with others, informally or in a band, we have fun sharing a wonderful array of acoustic music.

We've had the great fortune to play with many wonderful musicians on stage and off and appreciate all those opportunities and experiences. And our audiences, both old friends and new, continue to be very special to us. It all makes an inspiring and uniquely satisfying circle.


Steve and Sue -- Fiddle and Guitar/Vocals & Caller

From being interested listeners and sporadic plunkers on the guitar to being fully immersed in playing music feels a lot like jumping in without knowing if you can touch bottom, which you can't so you might as well settle in and ride the waves. And what a ride it has been. Both fun and challenging, playing music has broadened our world in a great way.

Some years back Steve, in his 60's, decided he wanted to learn to play the fiddle. Since he didn't have one on hand, he built one. His octave violin turned out beautiful and pleasing. He started playing and I dusted off the guitar to play with him. It was fun and we started collecting fiddle tunes. As nice as the octave violin was it wasn't long before Steve wanted a regular fiddle. After a start with a cheap fiddle (later to be cut apart and turned into an electric practice fiddle for which it was better suited) he found his "real" old German fiddle -- what a delight. And I found a guitar that fit both me and the music. From then on music permeated our house - live music - and even the cats enjoy it (to our great surprise).

From jams to festivals, farmers market to dining rooms, weddings, dances, parties -- we've enjoyed sharing our music. I've also had the opportunity to call and teach old-time (aka contra / square / barndance / traditional / community / folk) dances fits well the music we love.

There is no end to where one can go with music; there are so many areas, and eras, to explore, and tunes to discover. We're having a good time with tunes, songs, musicians, and friends, sharing our music and discovering something new almost every day. Have you thought of diving in yourself? Do it! No reason to wait.


What do we play? It depends on the occasion, of course, but you might hear old time style dance tunes from Europe or North America, waltz-polka-schottische dances, traditional songs and ballads, folk songs both old and contemporary, and occasional forays elsewhere. Some choices are unique to a setting or the other musicians we might be playing with, some tunes crop up most everywhere. We've played for dances, parties, weddings; as background music, dinners large or small; and special events; for jams and for no reason at all. There really is no limit.


from Angelina Baker to Cold Frosty Morning, Girl I Left Behind Me to Jackie Tar, maybe Kitchen Girl, or Marie's Wedding, and... There are so many great reels and jigs it would take many lifetimes to sample them all! Meantime, we do our best with this one life, adding to our repertoire from all corners and constantly hearing new tunes we'd like to play.


Beautiful tunes for dancing or listening, old (Battle of Aughrim) or new (Over the Ice by Keith Murphy); Finnish (Ragvalsin Waltz), Irish (Si Bheag Si Mhor - O'Carolan), or French (Waltz of the Little Girls), they hold a special place in our hearts and our instruments.


Variety is not only spice, it's life -- and music is permeated with it. Some are dance tunes -- Childgrove (English Country Dance), or Jenny Lind (Heel and Toe Polka), or Off to California (schottische). Others are just fun -- Bango's Tune, written by our mandolin/banjo/ukulele friend Marilyn Ouellette; or Viiskolome, written by Finnish fiddler and teacher extraodinaire, Mauno Jarvela.

and SONGS --

Traditional (voyageur era 'Red River Valley'), Contemporary Folk (Si Kahn's 'Crossing the Border'), Popular from many eras (Ledbetter's 'Goodnight Irene', or Bland's 'Golden Slippers', or Yarrow's 'Puff the Magic Dragon). And others still to come.

And not to forget those fun old "sing-a-long" songs, most of which were, and still are, old-time dance tunes, like Cindy and Crawdad and Oh Susannah. Great fun for playing, singing, and dancing.

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