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Watercolors by Sue Robishaw
Beyond the Common

Tree Dreams watercolor
Tree Dream
(a thought on awakening one winter morning -- a tree dreaming of spring)

14 x 11 (matted 19 x 16)

Looking In Looking Out watercolor
Looking In Looking Out
(a mask, a face, a cloak, ourselves)

15 x 15 (matted 22 x 22)

Rethinking America watercolor
Rethinking America
(listening to Pete Seeger's song "The Torn Flag" and thinking of current events, this idea came. I went back to my studio and painted it)

14 x 18 (matted 22 x 26)

Hanging Out on the Edge
The life of an artist
is intense and immense;
You struggle and chortal and
piffle and fence.
All the bulbs lighted are
downstairs from you
And no shade is bebaubled for your
glass of dark hue.
So with quirky impatience and
unreasonable spark
You don your best armbands and
climb out of the dark
To contemplate navels and
zeroes and such
Seeing vast vistas with your
singular touch
Thereís nothing to guide you, the
bearís still asleep,
The sky waves unending and the
grass is too deep.
Yet you find yourself glowing with a
strange kind of bliss
Hanging out on the edge of
lifeís great abyss.
* * * * * * *
Sue Robishaw

    All of my watercolors are originals and no prints have been made of them. Paintings are shipped matted and ready for framing. Mats are white or off-white, and both mat and backing board are 100% archival quality cotton.

    If you are in our area (central Upper Peninsula of Michigan) we may be able to meet with you to deliver artwork. In that case, paintings may be available already framed and glazed with glass, ready for hanging.

    All work is 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with a piece when you receive it, you can return it to us in original condition, packed carefully as it was shipped to you via insured UPS within seven days for a full refund.

See  How to Order  page for purchasing information. Questions? Contact us!

Updated 10/18/2012

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