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Watercolors of Winter
by Sue Robishaw
I do most of my studio painting in the winter, which is an unending source of ideas,  inspiration, and beauty. A walk outside or a glance out a window surrounds me with an incredible black and white kaleidoscope of color.

Wintercycle watercolor
12 x 15 (matted 17 x 20)
a beautiful icicle out the front window, winter woods out the back window, and the wonderful magic of winter)
Award Winner - Bonifas Arts Center


First Melt watercolor
First Melt
5 x 7  (matted 8 x 10)
as the snows melt wonderful colors appear)

A Good Day watercolor
A Good Day
7 x 10  (matted 11 x 14)
(one winter an itinerate fox came to visit

Winter Touch watercolor
Winter Touch
12 x 14  (matted 18 x 21)
the snows deepen and vegetation and trees become isolated islands)


Nice Try! watercolor

Nice Try
7 x 10  (matted 11 x 14)
the red squirrels of our woods usually have no trouble chasing the larger gray squirrels off, but to this fellow's mid-flight surprise and consternation, madam gray squirrel had no intention of leaving)

Winter Spring Magic
14 x 17  (matted 21 x 24) 
colors of snowmelt are wonderfully intense as the ground starts to show and the tree shapes are at their best)

Spring Break watercolor
Spring Break
14 x 17 (matted 21 x 24) 
from an  impression of the view of the Lake in early spring driving into Marquette)

    All of my watercolors are originals and no prints have been made of them. Paintings are shipped matted and ready for framing. Mats are white or off-white, and both mat and backing board are 100% archival quality cotton.

    If you are in our area (central Upper Peninsula of Michigan) we may be able to meet with you to deliver artwork. In that case, paintings may be available already framed and glazed with glass, ready for hanging.

    All work is 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with a piece when you receive it, you can return it to us in original condition, packed carefully as it was shipped to you via insured UPS within seven days for a full refund.

See  How to Order  page for purchasing information. Questions? Contact us!

Updated 10/18/2012

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