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Finger Weaving in Wool
            by Sue Robishaw


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Finger Weaving - Available for Purchase

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Item # Colors Overall



fingerwoven sash 29 small Sash 29 Dark Red / Gray / Black 100" 10" / 10" 3" sold
Sash 20 Pastels
56" --/10" 2" $122
sash #25 Sash 25 Blues 97" 10" /10" 3 3/4" sold
Strap 103 Hand Dyed
Gold Browns /
64" 1 1/2" 11" sold

Garters can usually be made to match sashes.    

My finger-woven items are all hand made with 100% wool, of a tight 2 or 3 ply yarn to produce a sturdy item. Most are woven in the traditional single or double Chevron design using mainly commercially dyed yarn, though I also weave with hand dyed wool yarns using local and native dyes and mordants. These have a particularly connected, naturally beautiful and comfortable look to them in mellow shades of browns, grays, greens and khakis, pinks and naturals.

Some of the sashes, drops, and garters divide into smaller bands in addition to the braided fringe. We have found a single or double wrap of 2"-3" wide sash is more comfortable and easier to tie than a single wrap of 5" or 6" wide. When figuring the length you need for a sash, measure around your waist over the clothes you'll be wearing (twice if you want a double wrap), plus the length down your leg times two, then add 5" for a half knot, 10" for full knot. The same goes for garters, straps, and narrower belts, except figure about 3" for a half (or fold over) knot, 6" for full knot. 

I'm no longer taking custom orders but I occasionally add a piece to the inventory for sale (above), so check back later if you don't find what you want here.

Please see the How to Order page for information on ordering. Questions? Contact me.

Updated 02/26/2020

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