Michael S's Homebuilt Recumbent - 1/2002

Michael wrote, "A few years ago I purchased the plans for a recumbent bike from Easy Racers. I built the bike in less than a month. Total cost was about $250.00 because I did the labor myself. All that is needed is a few old 27 inch English racer bike frames, (purchased at a yearly bike auction at the local police station, 3 frames for $17.00). I had to buy a 20 inch front wheel and all new gears, derailers, chain, handlebars computer, long cables, etc.

"The bike is great. The only problem is the longest amount of time I can ride is about 10-15 min. because everyone is stopping you and asking where they can get one. Seriously, The ride is like being in a recliner with pedals you can ride all day without getting stiff especially in your neck and butt. 

"Yes they are fast, very fast, this is why you never see recumbents in bike races. They will blow away regular style bikes. I've done it."

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