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Dave Burchell's Homebuilt Dual-Steering, Short-Wheelbase Recumbent - 3/2008

Dave originally built this bike as an Under-Seat Steering recumbent but had some handling problems. The solution: Add Above-Seat Steering. These photos were taken before Dave finished painting the bike and here are his comments regarding the steering upgrade:

"Over the moon. Have solved ride ability of bike by fitting over steering .
and rode it on first attempt. I will now fit second brake to rear next to
bottom bracket (shorter cable run to upper steering ) but will also leave
under steer in place using upper rear brake.

Will this be the first dual steer recumbent ?

All I have to do now is strip down and paint"

It took me a while to get this posted so I suspect that by now Dave has id finished and has had a chance to ride it a bit. (ss 9/08)

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