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Jack Janes' Aluminum-Framed "Raleigh" Recumbent - 2/2007

Jack built this bike back in the winter of '04 from aircraft aluminum and the seat of aluminum mesh. He didn't say how much it weighs but with those kinds of materials it should be pretty light.

Jack wrote:

"I had a Raleigh 27 in. bike that I finally got the nerve to cut up so I guess you could say its a Raleigh recumbent. The bike  rides an handles very good. I can  ride hands off  with a little speed; I don't recommend that  to everyone ... I put a third ring on for a much lower gear for  these Kentucky hills."

March 2007 - Jack sent some detail photos and added this additional information about his bike...

"A few more pic. an info. on the recumbent project.  The main beam is 2-1/2 in. by1-1/ 4 OD, 1/8 in. thick. This is stock material  wherever you can find places that sells it. The 1-1/4 in. is the most important part to remember because that will allow the cut up front, and back, of  whichever bike you choose to use, to slide with a very tight fit into the main beam. When you  find the right angles it can then be drilled and bolted, NO WELDING!  

"Been riding it for couple years now, still tight where the frame mates with the alum. Every once in a while I retighten the steering but that's about all. Hope you can tell by the pic. how the frame sections go into the main beam. Seat was made entirely from an old sat. dish; the kind that had alum. braces, with mesh. Weighs very little; covered it with closed cell foam, the kind they use in kayaks. Hope this gives you an idea of how I went about building it with out all the hassles of welding, jigs etc. Just a note to say  the frame is very rigid an stiff; just enough flex in rear fork to give good ride. It weighs 30 lbs. with the heavy front fork and wheel. I know of at least one guy that's is building one after contacting me; said he would send me pic. as soon as he has it done."

In the top-left photo below you can see how Jack slid the sacrificed bike's tubes right into the aluminum box tubing and bolted it there. Sure looks good! 

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