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Joey Wallace's Many Homebuilt Recumbents - 9/2007 thru 10/2009

During  the last few years Joey Wallace has built at least fifteen (15) recumbents and has shared them with us here on my Recumbent Share site. Joey wrote recently and asked that I kind of reduce his "web footprint" by choosing just a couple of his bike to highlight here. So, from the throng of great bikes I chose his March 2008 "Deltoyd" Long wheelbase trike and his February 2009 "BullDog". Click on the links to see details of these two recumbents.

Here is a photo survey of Joe's recumbents ... so far.

If you would like construction details or additional photos of Joey's recumbents other than Deltoyd and BullDog, which are highlighted here, I suspect that you could write Joey at the E-mail address below.

Kiddee Kar - October 2009

Challenger - September 2009

Knowa Zark - August 2009

Top Banana - February 2009

Black Widow - August 2009

Granny's Trikemare! - July 2009

BullDog - February 2009

Kroozer - November 2008

Alien - July 2008

Nexus 6 - May 2008

Deltoyd - March 2008

Lil' Hornet - January 2008

Chopzilla - December 2007

The Twister - November 2007

AlleyKat - September 2007

"Deltoyd" - March 2008 - This was Joey's fifth homemade recumbent. During this time I calculated that he was making recumbents at the rate of about 0.74129 recumbents per month. Of special interest is his rear axle/drive train/brake solution shown in the lower right photo below.
Here is what he had to say about Deltoyd:

Finally finished my first LWB delta trike, 'The Deltoyd'. Sportin' Mega-Range derailleurs & gears, she's a 21 speed. Dual disc brakes, luggage rack with twin rack trunks, custom built 24 inch rear wheels, & all of the usual accoutrements that I love to pile on, round out the package.

I didn't like the seat I built, so I robbed the factory seat from my ActionBent tadpole, cuz it's really comfy. (Of course, I'll have to replace it later.) A challenging project, to be sure, but definitely worth the effort!

My hat's off once again, to Brad Graham, the Atomic Zombie himself, for designing such a SHA-WEET ride!

The Deltoyd specs:
Length: 7 feet, 7 inches
Width: 32 inches
Work: 132 hours

"BullDog" - February 2009 - Here was Joey Wallace's Ninth recumbent. This is one cool and powerful recumbent trike. Yes, I said powerful since it is electrically 'assisted' - or is it human-power-assisted? In his noted below Joey gives us the low-down on his latest creation.


"Number 9, number 9, number 9." - The Beatles

Yes, this is actually my 9th home-built ride, not counting my little cargo trailer, & the CycleBully electric trailer (which is now history, cuz I cannibalized it to build THIS)! Like most of my projects, this one is based on yet another of Brad Graham's designs.

I call her the BullDog, & she's my first electric trike. She's sportin' a front hub motor, powered by four 50ah batteries in the box behind the seat. Even totally unassisted by me, she's got a 45-mile range at a continuous speed of 15 mph. Top speed is 30 mph on level ground. Tons-O-Fun!

Another first this time around, was designing & creating my own decals, using Photoshop, water-slide decal paper, & my inkjet printer. This gives me unlimited design possibilities, & is a heck of a lot cheaper than having them done at the print shop! Thanx to my friend, Larry Orr, for hooking me up with a source for the decal paper!

The canopy top is from my Rhoades Car. It was a ridiculously expensive option, but I no longer ride the RC, so I adapted it to fit the trike. Made of aluminum & canvas, it weighs next-to-nothing, & now I can actually get some use out it!

The seat is from my Nexus bent, & was built by Mike Meagher. It's a great seat, & real comfy, but it was all wrong for that type of bent, however, it is perfect for a trike!

Originally, I planned to use a Mack truck bulldog hood ornament, but not surprisingly, even used ones were outrageously overpriced, even on e-Bay, as they're very collectible, so that idea quickly went out the window, in favor of the Matchbox bulldog I already had. I glued him down with silicone glue, but he'll probably "run away", the first time I leave him unattended in a parking lot somewhere. :O

I consider the Deltoyd to be my "sports car", the Kroozer to be my "family car", & this one to be my "pickup truck"! Can't wait for warm weather, so I can actually make my first  35-mile-round-trip grocery run with it! Stay tuned...

Joey added that he has just a little less than $2000 invested in the hub motor, batteries and controls installed on this trike. However, with a 45 mile range and reasonable speed a recumbent like this could be a gas-guzzler replacement. A solar panel or two to charge it up at home might be nice; maybe add some weather protection/streamlining and you'd be good to go as long as the snow doesn't get too deep. 

       You can  visit his web page:  "which has more pics of this bike, as well as pics of my other bikes, reviews, & other stuff."

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