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Paul Walter's Homebuilt Recumbents - 11/2003

Paul's current project: a Barron look-alike

One of Paul's Recumbent Trikes

Scaled down (70%) child's trike

Above & right: Trike Steering/Suspension Detail

On November 3, 2003 Paul wrote...

I have built six trikes and two bikes. I attached pictures of a Childs trike, one of my regular trikes and a bike I'm working on.  I built the Childs trike by multiplying the regular trikes dimensions by .7 making it 30 percent smaller. The bike I am building is a copy of a Optima Barron. I printed out a picture of it and made a grid in inches (by knowing the size of the rear wheel) and then made a full size picture of it. Then I took it to a local muffler shop and he made me a two frame blanks. I am interest in making a wooden bike (I have made most of the furniture in my house) but am not sure about what kind of wood to make it out of.  When I get ready to build one I will have to do some research on it.  

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