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Pete Pace's Wood-Framed Recumbent - 4/2005

This is a very nice wood-framed recumbent based upon "Woody"'s layout. The bike is a bit more sleek but retains the long lines of my original bike. I like it! (of course)

 On 4/15/05 Pete wrote...

"My name is Pete Pace I am a senior at the University of Montana Western in Dillon Montana studying to become a industrial arts teacher. I would first like to thank you for your great site. Really Cool. I used the information posted on your site to build a "Tree Bike" in one of my technology classes. I am sending a picture of the bike. It is currently on display on the UMW campus! I need to do some fine tuning, but I have rode it And I love it! Thanks!"
Pete Pace

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