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Amador Francisco Bouza's Leaning Recumbent Trike - March, 2006

Francisco has built a cool leaning trike. Front wheel drive and he has once again proven that there are a lot of ways to build a recumbent. He says it is a bit unstable at higher speeds, above 25kms/h (could maybe use a directional shock absorber), but gets a lot of attention.

Francisco wrote:

"I would like to share with you 2 pictures of my leaning recumbent trike, just finished. I used for it's construction a new kids bike (20" wheels), quickly hacked, bought 2 BMX front wheels for the rear, with 14mm spindles, as they are supported to the frame on one side only. The rear axle swivels on a very old BMX BB. As can be seen it features 6-speed front wheel drive and braking, but as the rear axle is only some 20cms behind the seat line, the front is very light. On the other hand, it turns like mad! The seat is an old kitchen chair, covered with fabric. At least it doesn't bend!"

Cheers from Portugal!

Update 4/06 -  Francisco has begun a new bike and wrote:

Here is photo ... "I took today of my new recumbent. As you can see, it's a woody one... As you can see, the front fork attachment is like a claw that holds on to the main pine frame (100x70mm). Of course, if this proves weak, there are always different types of wood."

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