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Chris Chausse's Homebuilt Recumbent - April, 2005

Chris has put together a very nice, simple and inexpensive recumbent. Read below what he has to say about his source for cheap, new components for this bike.


Chris's comments on construction of this bike:

The bike cost me about $70 so far. I actually bought a new mountain bike from Walmart for $48 on sale so I would have all decent functioning parts rather than shop around and probably send more. From that bike I used the rear wheel, rear triangle assembly, the shaft / pedals, the steering riser and handlebars (modified and rewelded to have the downward angle) and the brakes and gears. The front tire and forks are from my son's old 16" bike. The seat is from an exercise bike, but is temporary as I would like to find a plastic chair to modify then cover...this would also drop about 6 pounds from the total weight. The main tube is a fencepost I bought for $6. That's pretty much it though - just lots of measuring, thinking, grinding and welding. Just thought that everyone might like to know where everything came from. 

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