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Ed Atkins Front Wheel Drive Recumbent - 3/2006

Ed Atkins has built a cool front-wheel-drive low racer type recumbent. He wrote: "I designed a moving bottom bracket front wheel drive lowracer recumbent bike, and offer plans on my site for this bike. The bike is called the atomBLASTER, and can be built as either a dual 20" or dual 26" bike. One guy is building a dual 700c bike!" 

I asked Ed about the gearing and he responded: "I currently am running a 3 front/7 rear cluster, for 21 gears total. Since the swinging front end is essentially the rear end of a mountain bike, rotated, I can use whatever gear combos are available on a DF bike. This bike is a BEAST doing hills. It's like riding a leg press."

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