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Gary P's Homebuilt Recumbent Trikes - Updated 6/2002

June, 2002 - "I figured I should update you on the situation. What I learned from that project and further research I put into a second leaning trike. This time, I designed it from the ground up using parts from regular bikes. I named it "Shinpo" which in Japanese means "advance(d)."It is supported by springs via cables (the mechanism is very light and simple) and the handlebars can be rolled to control the amount of lean desired. It's quite natural once one gets used to it. The roof is quite easy to take off by hand."  
Gary P's Trike September, 2000 - "I finished it back towards the end of July but just got digital pics of my trike. It's a conventional leaning trike I converted to recumbent. Thanks to inspiration from your site, I built the seat of wood (the central section is triple laminated) and saved a load of yen (the bike shop owner and his welding friend who did the boom out front counted on those yen but didn't get them :-). Thanks to the great knowledge and experience I have and can glean from this project I'm looking to my next project(s) (seriously considering CLWB electric assist design at present as well as a regular SWB setup with lower pedals). If I complete a wooden bike fast enough I'll have had enough experience to consider introducing the idea to my students." - Gary P.

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