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James Robinson's 2 x 4 Low Racer Recumbent - 9/2005

This is James' latest design: A 26"x26" version of the Low Racer shown below. (9/2005)

Also... Check out James' design for a Sailing Recumbent Trike:     (6/2005)


James has has designed a really nice Low Racer - and, has produced a set of plans so you and I can build one more easily. I had always thought it would be a good thing to make up plans for my bikes but James beat me to it and has done it well.

To the right is the first page of the 17-page set of 
plans. You can see by the list that he has covered 
everything you'll need to build the bike. Each sheet
is laid out well and the instructions are clear and 

Low Racer Recumbent Plans

Earlier shot of prototype ...     Later design...  (2003)

James Robinson's Earlier Homebuilt Recumbents - Long Wheelbase Model - 10/2000      

J Robin's Bike's Front Detail

In October 2000 - James Robinson wrote, "I've built two wood framed bikes whose photos are attached. The LWB is the latest, a low racer is in the works. Both the SWB and LWB  are built of 2 x 4.  The steering head and crank bearings (5/8" sealed radials) are mounted in 1/8" alum. plate stock.  This makes these bikes disgustingly simple to fabricate.  The LWB features a seatback that rotates. This allows the rider to lift his hips off the seat bottom ( moving the hips forward as well) adding to the leg thrust. This is beneficial in hill climbing."

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