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Patric Lew's Homebuilt Short-Wheelbase Recumbent - 11/2008

Patrick has put together a nice looking short-wheelbase recumbent. He plans to put up a web sit on its construction some time in the future and when he does I'll post a link right here.

Here is what Patrick had to say about his recumbent project:

"This is a modified Hyper Cycle (original below) and itís my first recumbent. Initially, the plan was to just braze on a front derailleur tower and it sort of took off from there. (My wife says, it was more like ďgot out of control,Ē but as long as Iím exercising itís a healthy outlet.) 

The wheelbase has been lengthened from 34.5 to 42 inches, and the boom was shortened about 5 inches to compensate for a longer main tube. These tubes are now 34.9mm (chromoly) versus the original 28.6mm. A compact crankset (50 x 34t) drives a 700c wheel with 9-speed cassette (11 x 34t). The fork is for a 406mm (20Ē) wheel, but there was too much heel strike with that sized wheel, so the 305mm (16Ē) went back on and it handles fine. The seat is temporary but comfortable enough. 

At this point, ten months of tinkering have taken it to the above from that below. Thereís 500 miles on it and itís been loads of fun riding, although my bent-fitness is still a ways off. In the process of building this recumbent, a lot was learned and that experience will be channeled into a low-racer thatís on the drawing boards for 2009-2010."

Vintage Hyper Cycle (circa 1982-84)

Midway through tinkering

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