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Steve Rinker's Homebuilt Short-Wheelbase Recumbent - 12/2005

Gotta love this paint job even if it is temporary! 
Steve has put together one clean and fast looking machine.

Steve wrote...

"Here's a photo of my new creation. A SWB recumbent built out of old bike parts. It is a combination of a Mongoose mountain bike (rear triangle, boom and bottom bracket), a piece of a child's swingset (main spar), and about 25 bikes from the junkyard (various gruppa).

"I built the seat from a piece of 1/4" plywood for the pan and a piece of 3/4" plywood for the stringer. Built the front wheel from junk parts.

"The only thing I paid money for was the front tire; a Continental Gran Prix that I found at my local bike shop for only $5! I couldn't resist.

"It runs great, has 6 speeds (14-28) and one chain ring (52) It climbs really well owing to the under seat steering and no idlers to add friction.

"Total weight is 27 pounds, not bad for a recumbent, eh? I am really pleased with it, especially as this has been an ongoing project for some time now. Guess you just gotta keep plugging away at it!

"The only thing that is a little bit hinky is the wheelbase/weight distribution. It could be a little
bit longer with a little more weight on the rear wheel. Oh well. maybe on the next one..."

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