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Bob Rupert's Homebuilt Recumbents - 6/2006

Here are a few photos Bob Rupert sent of a couple of his projects. An extreeemly short-wheelbase delta trike and a compact long-wheelbase recumbent bike.

This just looks like too much fun!

Rear axle - mating of derailleur and 
a coaster brake.


Bob's 20"-26" Recumbent Bike

In June, 2006, Bob wrote:

"When gas started to go way up out here, I rode a wedgy for two days, and started thinking, while standing up...

I've been looking at bents for most of 10 years. 8 years ago I learned to weld. three months ago I found a place that lets me use their welding equipment at the rate of $1 every 15 minutes. four bucks an hour. You know how much welding you can get done in an hour, if everything is laid out physically or in your head before you turn on the wire feed? A lot. Finally, a ten year old dream is realized. patience does have it's rewards. I'll NEVER ride another wedgy.

This is the result of two months of finding that old bike (or bikes) thinking a lot and praying your brain ain't all that old. The two wheeler goes from here to there really decent. it had a 20" at both ends originally, I went for the 26 in back later. It's easier to start from a dead stop. the 26" wheel has a better gyroscopic force than the 20", ergo, you stay up at lower speeds. The main tube is from the top of a children's old swing set. (no, my kids still have theirs. The rest is from unloved wedgies that lost their homes.

The trike will turn ON a dime. I've actually watched the left or right rear wheels stay in one place over a dime and spit out two nickels. OK, that's a bit much. But it ain't to far off the truth. Turning that sharp at high speeds is not recommended, and even I am smart enough NOT to try it. But I do love my 'bents. The main tube here is couple of legs that were doing a remarkable job of NOT supporting a trampoline. The chair is just that. a chair, cut down, dissected and reassembled to accommodate my lower portion and back."

Looks like a lot of fun, eh? Nice job on the rear axle design. I hope we hear more from Bob once he has some miles on the trike.

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