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Bruce Smith's Wood-Framed Recumbent - 4/2003

May, 2003 - W. Bruce Smith is hard at it in the shop, building this short-wheelbase bike (with a few tips from Ron Horvath (above).  This 'Sandwich' frame building technique is cool. Can't wait to see the completed bike.


Bruce has been building his bike with guidance from Ron Horvath. The 'sandwich' technique is a great idea. He had this to say about setting up this phase of the project:

"I finally found a great (read cheap & easy) way to ensure that the tail section and the frame would be in allignment and stay that way while the epoxy dried. As you can see from the picture I used an L shaped section (held in the workmate) the same thickness as the frame section and a bolt and nuts to square it up where the back wheel goes. Just in case epoxy would'nt  be enough I also pierced the seat tube and lag screwed the tail section to the frame with 5/16 x 2 1/2" lag bolts. If that won't do the job I go on a diet."

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