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Zach's Medium-Wheelbase, suspended, Wood Recumbent: "WoodE"

In October of 2001 Zach sent the drawing and fork construction photo below, with an update in January of 2002. 

And now (June 2005), right on schedule as these things go, here it is!!

Zach writes, "A month ago I got WoodE all put together and on a second maiden voyage. WHEW! Tons of fun. With a little tweaking on the rear shifter everything is working quite well. It's been out for 5 or 6 drives so far - nothing broken yet"

WoodE Project drawing

Headset Details (above) and Rear Suspension

"Coming along good! Only road block now is finding a drill stand high enough to drill the 16mm holes for the headset at the top of the frame. So far 2 wood shops couldn't do it. But my girlfriend should figure it out soon... Otherwise the quest goes on, should be rolling soon.", Zach, 1/25/2002

Zach's Wood Recumbent
" of Jarkko Muurman, who I copied my rear suspension from", Zach