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ManyTracks Organic Gardening
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"Growing Berries for
Food and Fun"
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Reliable Raspberries
Easy, Delicious and Beautiful

Prelude Raspberry

Four decades of Growing Good Food in the Northwoods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
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Down to Earth Information, Experiences, Thoughts

     Raspberries abound on our homestead. Wild ones give their crops every year without fail, with no fuss, no care and no concern about who eats their small red fruits. And we've had tame ones growing in our garden since the earliest years, sharing them with the birds and small furred creatures yet having plenty for our use.
For more discussion and info on raspberries check out my "Growing Berries for Food and Fun" book which includes strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and grapes, published in 2016.

Surprise Raspberries - October 4, 2017

Prelude raspberry OctoberWe had a reasonable raspberry harvest this year; nothing special but enough to snack on and make raspberry vinegar for pickles. Several of our varieties will blossom and set fruit in the fall (which the bees love at this time of year of few blossoms) but seldom mature the fruit before freeze. Last year was the first time and it was a rare warm fall, and the bluejays were plentiful so I got only a few, eating them underripe before the birds got them. But this year has been a cool to cold fall with frosts starting the first of Sept., lots of rain and many freezes. So although I knew the Prelude raspberries had late blossoms, with attentive bees to match, I didn't expect ripe fruit. But today I was walking by the raspberries and there, almost in my face, was this beautiful, large, healthy, ripe raspberry! With many more coming on. And few bluejays around. What a treat. And I enjoyed it thoroughly! I'll share the later ones with Steve.

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updated 01/16/2017

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