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Nanking Cherry

Prunus tomentosa -- seedlings 

Planted 2018


Nanking cherry in bloom

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More closely related to plums than true cherries. Hardy z2-7, height 7-15’. Highly adaptable, early bloom builds up pollinator population for other plants. (gf) I’m fond of the fruit; it’s on the small size and pit is a little large but they are tasty. A little tart but sweet enough, very juicy, and prolific. To keep as shrub thriving keep replacing older stems with new ones - 6-8 good healthy stems. Great variability in fruit quality in seedlings.

2022 - May 15 two largest plants blooming. Had two nights 20's freeze the 23, 24th. But did get some fruit. Snacked on them now and then. Rather large pit but nice flavor. Range of sizes of the five bushes; likely partly due to varied soil conditions but also because they are seedlings.

2021 - Sparse notes. Only have the five (best) plants inside fence. I assume others died over the past few years. They didn't get much attention and were quite small to begin with, likely should have stayed in nursery bed longer. But two of the five have grown nicely with some blossoms. Two others OK but not as robust. One on far east row still quite small, soil likely not as good. They are scattered through orchard. Don't know if they have need to be closer for pollination.

2020 -  Lost one Nanking over winter but rest doing fine, large plants had some blossoms. May 29 a 25 degree freeze with cherry bloom just starting. A record long hot summer. Some yellowing of leaves but not major.

2019 - A few blossoms on couple of the bushes inside fence. Pruning to one stem/trunk in order to cage against voles.

2018 - Bought 10 seedling plants of mixed small sizes early May from Soil Conservation tree sale. Planted 5 best in orchard, 2 next best outside (1 died mid summer). 3 smallest in nursery (small sticks w/ minimal roots); grew well. Mid Oct. transplanted 1 outside by sw gate, 2 to NE Orchard.

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