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Sierra Pear


Bartlett x Marquerite Marillat

Summerland B.C. 1969


branch grafts 2018-21 on Summercrisp


multiple grafts on Summercrisp Pear tree

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pear grafts

Tree is medium sized and cold hardy, bears early and heavily. Fruit is very large, long pyriform, light green, somewhat irregular in size and shape. Flesh is medium tender, very fine and melting; flavor is very good. Similar to Bartlett but finer quality. Ripens a few days before D’Anjou and keeps till January. + z3b.

2021 - Two more grafts in May, low ne (vigorous) and high s (slow). these are the final grafts I think. All previous grafts growing well. Did management of shape with spreaders and ties.  

2020 - End May grafted more Sierra scions on Summercrisp (1) e-n branch 2nd tier (2) n bottom tier (3) top. All, old and new, grew well, vigorous, healthy. Will graft 2 more next year, turning Summercrisp over to mainly Sierra, leaving a few originals for pollination.

The graft on Stacey ('18) was doing OK in spite of massive FB on tree. Eventually all grafts and main tree died. Cut down.      

2019 - Stacey grafts - good growth, healthy.  //  Summercrisp grafts - good growth, healthy though leaves lighter than other. Chokepear graft - scion half dead, side bud some growth.

2018 - Grafted onto: #1 (stacey) - vigorous growth, 12" tip, 7" side +1"+1". Healthy.                
             #2 (summercrisp) - good growth 9" tip +2 buds, healthy
             #3 (chokepear) - good 8" tip +1 bud, healthy. Most vigorous of any of the grafts.

Online Notes: (BC rpt) pick Sept 15-Oct 10. Skin smooth thin yellowish green. Flesh smooth fine very sweet juicy. Very productive. ... similar to Bartlett but generally of finer quality. Does not scab easily. (ars-grin) fairly vigorous tree with initially upright, then spreading and even drooping branches. The tree comes into fruiting early, and bears fairly regular and heavy crops. The framework and fruit spurs are hardy, considerably more so than those of Bartlett, and slightly hardier than Anjou. Requires fairly heavy pruning to avoid development of long and drooping branches. Normally the fruit set is heavy; thus early and careful fruit thinning is necessary. Fruit is large to very large. skin is thin, tender, smooth, green at picking, and turning yellow-green when fruit is eating ripe. flesh is juicy, very fine, smooth, with no or very few grit cells. The flavor is sweet and outstanding in quality. can be ripened to good condition soon after picking, and it keeps at 31 F until February. To reduce shrivel of skin, polyethylene liners are necessary in storage boxes., good canned product with mild flavor.

Copyright Susan Robishaw

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