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Presque Isle Park


Little Presque isle Point

Presque Isle Point in Marquette is an incredible place, with a rich history and possibly the most popular, visited and known spot in Marquette. Very few people who visit the area don't end up out there at least once. It's a magical place.

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I don't know when we first drove onto and around Marquette's Presque Isle Park. Maybe it was our first participation in the annual Art on the Rocks, maybe an early visit to Marquette, maybe the early Hiawatha Music Festival days. But since then there is hardly a trip to Marquette that doesn't include a drive out on this unique forested peninsula, so close to the city yet surprisingly "wild". Usually we eat lunch there and go for a walk after. For a relatively small area, 323 acres, it's an incredible, diverse, beautiful and exciting place. It is, understandably, very popular.

December 18, 2020 -- A Day Off

Presque Isle Park Lake Superior

Today was a "day off" from hiking. Instead we headed up to Marquette to go shoe shopping, something becoming increasingly needed since both of us had hiking shoes with "issues". As neither of us are much fond of shopping we chose one store to go to, a good running/hiking/foot-oriented shoe store, and hoped it had what we both wanted.  They had expanded since we'd been in there last and thankfully had a wide selection and nice, knowledgeable owners - Queen City Shoes. It took a bit of trial but we both found shoes, Steve fairly quickly, me not so. They haven't yet come up with my version of a "just right" shoe, but it was close enough. They have a great store return policy - go hiking, go walking, go do what you do, if they don't work out return them. So we did. We got lunch, went out to our favorite and usual spot at Presque Isle Park to eat, watching the choppy waves on the Lake as the wind picked up. There are many trails up, over, and around Presque Isle and it's a very popular and well used park. It was nice to see so many people out walking, enjoying the day even if it was a bit chilly out in the wind. We simply went around to the other side, added a few layers, and walked along the black rock area and up into the woods. No matter where you are it's a beautiful and interesting place. It's always a nice trek and today we were also testing out our new shoes (not hiking mind you, this being our day off). With a decent hill climb and descent it was a good shoe trial. Steve's were good, mine were a bit too sloppy. So back to the store to check out some other shoes (and ending up with the same just a half size smaller). Which gave Steve time to visit the Marquette Bakery across the street, and next to that the Dead River Coffee Roaster to get a good mocha. All and all a fun day in Marquette, with lots of nice people, including our always stop at the Marquette Food Coop. We got home before dark, there were still coals in the warm wood stove, and it wasn't too far past LilliB's dinner time though she was waiting for us on the porch.  

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