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Goodland Apple

on BeaconN

Patten Greening x open pollinated

initially Morden 354 -- Manitoba 1925


Grafts 2018-2021, on BeaconN -- First fruit 2019. 


(Also 2018 graft on a7 crab rootstock. Using for scions, may remove later.)


Goodland apple

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The apple got mostly real good reviews for flavor and hardiness so I thought it might be a good one for my northern orchard. But being bred and grown in Canada it is not readily available here in the U.S. Thankfully, I was able to get a scion from the USDA-NPGS in Geneva (wonderful service), so we grafted it and waited to see if we would like it. First fruit 2019 -- Hurray! We loved it.

2023 - Did three more grafts on nearby branches. Probably last grafts. Pruned around all grafts. Older grafts full of blossoms. Started dropping ripe fruit 9/2, half dozen 9/16, seven 9/21. Older grafts were later. We ate them fairly soon as they don't store long (plus we really like them). Ate last one 9/30 - texture getting more tender but still good. Think I need to pick earlier, before they drop, to keep longer, but root cellar isn't very cold yet anyway. Sent scions to a Colorado GrowingFruit member - it's good to get more of this wonderful Canada) apple growing in the States.

Single graft on A7 (Prairie Spy/Akero) had 15 blossoms but no fruit.

2022 - Full set blossoms on '18 branch, a few on '20 graft. Did a little pruning around the grafts and pulled down most to more horizontal, getting Goodland to be most of the se side of Beacon. Had a real nice set of about a dozen apples on older graft, 4 on newer, dropping first end of August, large 8 oz. Same great flavor, healthy, beautiful, we enjoyed every one as they came down through September. Someday I'll have enough to see how they store but not until there are more than we can eat fresh!

'18 graft on a7 crab also had a blossom set but no fruit.

2021 - The 2018 graft was full of blossoms, giving hopes of more than one fruit this year. Then the end of May freezes. Oh well, maybe next year. All the grafts are growing well. I'm starting to pull them horizontal and prune off base tree branches around them.

2020 - 2018 graft growing well, set another single fruit. 9/17 picked because of freeze forecast, came off but think it could have gone longer. Large, looks like Dudley, 9 oz.  9/28 ate it, nice shape, very juicy, not real crisp (warm root cellar), sprightly sweet flavor w/ touch of ?grape?. Good. Seems like they might make good cider.

Grafted more on BeaconN, toward making south qtr tree all Goodland. 2 of 3 grafts took and grew well. Do more '21.

2019 - 6/5 (on BeaconN) 2 blossoms! strong scion, ’18graft, healthy - let it set one apple.  9/21 Dropped! Beautiful 3" fruit, yellow-green w/ splashed red over half. Ate 9/25. GOOD! Maybe between Beacon & Dudley in flavor, interesting sweet aftertaste, juicy, crisp, pleasant. Cut scions next year both from Beacon graft and a7 graft. Go towards so half BeaconN tree all Goodland. Eventually remove from a7 after it fruits (to see if difference).

2018 - Scions from ARS-NPGS, grafted #1 on east branch of a7 wild seedling crab in east orch north. 3 buds plus top had flower! #2 onto a se branch of BeaconN. Grew well, 2" top +1/2" +2buds.

Early Fall. Morden 354 (Patten Greening x open-pollinated). Canada Research Stn, Morden, Manitoba, 1925. considered the best for fresh eating. Medium-to-large roundish-oblate fruit with creamy green skin blushed with red. Crisp tender juicy aromatic sweetly subacid flesh. Excellent eating and sauce. Keeps till early winter. Suitable for trial in all cold districts. Z 3-5. (Maple Valley) Ripens: Sept, Z 3 - 6. Flesh crisp, juicy and tender, makes delicious aromatic sauce and is also an excellent eating apple. Productive, annual bearer. (GW) a "serious freeze,Often we'll get a freeze like that here before the last week of Sept...and in half of the years, my Goodlands won't be ripe yet (konrad) By mid Sept. usually most is ready to pick,..even when not fully ripe on the tree, take them into storage, in a couple of weeks they taste nice. taste pretty harsh from the tree...customers prefer Goodland, I prefer Norkent...// will freeze back in a cold winter (can z2). (minn orchard) strong performance in 2013 brought Goodland to the top of the charts over our previous favorites Chestnut and Zestar. a great workhorse for northern climates. It forms a shapely, healthy tree. apples are good-sized, light-colored, crisp, and mild in flavor. For us they keep in the fridge until the end of November. APFG - mod hardy, C-K-J, late ripen, +7. (can) great pies, fresh later, keeper, better than Norland & Parkland. Hardy. (konrad) tart, good for cooking., isn’t that hardy, will freeze back in a hard winter. late season. (ars) light-med FB rating.

Copyright Susan Robishaw

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